Who I work with

I work with young people and adults of all ages.

What I can help with

Anxiety, panic, depression, self-criticism, self-confidence, anger, sleep, relationships, grief, sexuality, health issues, life crises, trauma, abuse, trans-generational issues, repeating patterns, dissatisfaction with life, lack of purpose or meaning.

How I work

Counseling offers a unique, caring, non-judgmental, confidential space to focus on you.

Most of our troubles have their roots in coping mechanisms we needed to develop when we were younger. For example, criticising ourselves as a way of warding off disapproval from parents. These mechanisms can become stuck patterns limiting our ability to live fully.

Another root cause of difficulty is a society or family where expressing or even feeling emotion is frowned upon as weak or inappropriate. This can leave pain stuck inside begging to be heard, often accompanied by a sense of shame and aloneness.

Counselling works by exploring and raising our awareness of the patterns, feelings, beliefs and thoughts that drive our behaviour. With more awareness comes more choice over how we react and deal with situations. Counselling works by learning we are not alone with our issues and that there are genuine reasons for our troubles. It works by being able to express the pain we are carrying and by learning to develop self-kindness and value ourselves.

Together we'll explore your situation, your feelings, your thoughts, wishes and what your body is telling you. We might get creative or playful. We will likely laugh. I'll be myself in our relationship, not a blank screen or someone 'sorted', but another human who also suffers. Mainly I'll listen and ask questions but I'll also share my thoughts, feelings, and personal experience when appropriate. We'll pay attention to our relational dynamics as these will likely shed light on patterns outside therapy.

As counselling is a personal relationship it's useful to see a few of us until you find someone who feels right. This usually becomes clear in the first meeting. I offer free telephone consultation before meeting so you can ask questions and get a feel for me. You can also email or text.

I work with young people, older people and everyone in between.

How I charge & where I work

Counselling is normally weekly for 50 mins, lasting anything from 6 sessions to several months or years, depending on what’s right for you. The fee is £75-£100 per session depending on your circumstances.

I have daytime and evening slots and work from a cosy room near Watlington in South Oxfordshire. I also work using Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp video or we can walk or sit in the countryside. I can visit you if you are not mobile. My room is accessible.


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